La Corte Ospitale joined in the 2021 the ‘Odyssée’ residency programme, coordinated by the Association of Cultural Encounter Centres (ACCR) with the support of the French Ministry of Culture. The programme is aimed at foreign artists, researchers and cultural professionals who are not living in France and who wish to develop their projects within French CCRs. Since 2021, the program can also finance artist-in-residency periods in the centres membres of the European network.

Since 2003, more than 650 artists and culture professionals, representing 81 different nationalities, have taken part in the programme. They work in a variety of fields including music, architecture, crafts, art, theatre writing, animated film, photography and journalism.

The Odyssée residency programme enables a cultural organisation and an artist from outside the country to develop an intercultural dialogue.





With the support of the French Ministry of culture, the ACCR – Association des Centres culturels de rencontre has been coordinating the Odyssée artist-in-residency program. The program is aiming at artists, researchers and culture professionals from countries other than France wanting to develop projects within French Cultural Centers – Historic Monuments. More than 700 artists from over 79 different countries have taken part in the program, developing projects in different areas such as music, architecture, arts and crafts, visual arts, dramatic writing, novel writing, scriptwriting, animated film-making, photography and journalism.
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