The Corte Ospitale di Rubiera is a 16th century monumental complex, that was once a place of rest, care and refreshment for pilgrims travelling along the Via Emilia. Since 2000, after careful restoration, it has been used as a cultural center by the Municipality of Rubiera. Inside the Ospitale there are now four rehearsal rooms, a guesthouse with about seventy beds and a fully equipped kitchen, now used by cultural pilgrims, artists.



The Corte Ospitale is an open and inhabited space, a generator of creative and cultural processes, for both artists and the community. For the artists we are a protected place, a creative and free home-factory where they can create, experiment and exchange. We have a specific focus on contemporary dramaturgy and new languages of the scene, we accompany and support young companies in their creative processes, with a view to discovering new talent and encouraging generational change. For the community we want to be an open place, at the same time protected and challenging, where people can meet, recognize each other, and discuss. We believe that the intertwining between artists and the territory can be nourishing for both, in a perspective of mutual encounter and exchange.



The Corte Ospitale Association operates in the field of theatrical language, through three main directions: production, residences, hospitality. The engine of our research concerns the innovation of the languages ​​of the scene, multidisciplinarity, support for new dramaturgies and generational change. Each of the three actions is crossed by specific audience development interventions because a further focal point of our research is attention to communities and territories.

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